NaPoWriMo Day 30 – Farewell??

Day 30


The wool is spun

the thread woven

into tapestry

I am tempted, like Penelope

to unravel

avoid completion of the task

not for fear of savage suitors

but finding joy 

in the weaving of words

I do not want to say farewell

do not want to finish

the cloth is uneven

full of holes and tangled bits

and yet it has a life

a color and texture

that lure me into 

crafting more

and so I shall not

say farewell

nor unravel

but spin another yarn

to weave some more


NaPoWriMo Day 28 – Pace of Life

Day 28


Hurry up and wait

Don’t be late!

But we didn’t start on time

So you’re really just fine

the rat race

scrunch face

world going round

eventually you’re bound

to stop

or drop

so why not take a breath

instead of rush to death

stop and sniff a rose

wear your favorite clothes

smile on the fly

to that person walking by

life is too dear

not to hold you near

worry no more

tolerate no bore

just hold my hand

and walk slowly in the sand

NaPoWriMo Days 25 and 26 – Inferior poems

Missed yesterday… combining two today… alas!!! The first is using anagrams of my first name… actually think it has potential… but inspiration for the second was difficult and there is a time pressure of other things going on.  Oh if only life did not interfere with poetry 😉


Day 24



My Anagram


Deer met


Deter me

Treed me

Grateful for absent hunters!






Day 25


A woman once strove to compose

A poem each day for while.

Stopping to smell every rose

She gathered her words to compile.


But inspiration is something which flows

Not a thing to grasp and to grab

One nurtures and tends as it grows

and sometimes you just can’t find the rythym or rhyme!

NaPoWriMo Day 23 – Ode to the Old Gods

Day 23

 Ode to the Old gods


The Gods of yore were fearsome folk

Who walked upon the land

They’d find some youth or maiden fair

And take them by the hand


The Parthenon is crumbling

Athena’s golden statue gone

Amorous Gods no longer chase

Young maidens through the lawn


The times have changed from days gone by

Old Gods live now in comic books

Or on the blazing silver screen

Golden statues are named Oscar, and sit in well-lit nooks!



The prompt today was to write a poem called a triolo (or something like that) it called for repeating lines, and iambic heptameter – or some such thing… it was far too much for me! I have been reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and (of course!) more Greek Mythology with my daughter before bed. Tonight it was Posiedon, Earth Shaker, by George O’Conner. An excellent graphic novel, though I think I have preferred some of the others in the series more. Hades is particularly good. 

At any rate, between those two books, I have been thinking of the Old Gods and the new focus of our thoughts… how the references to the Old Gods are still so prevalent, but in such a different way than I imagine them to have been a few thousand years ago.